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Our dates are hand-picked in three rounds during harvest for perfect ripeness.

Once the harvest is over, our Medjool dates are shipped directly to our customers, to ensure they get the freshest , healthiest and best tasting dates available.

The relatively large-sized Medjool has a distinctive soft texture and a unique rich flavor that sets it apart from other date races. The Medjool is truly ‘one date to rule them all’.

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element_03 Medjoul Premium – The Royal Date Collapse

These dates have rich caramel-like taste, soft chewy texture, they are harvested at the peak of ripeness, naturally dried and quickly chilled to keep fresh.

Medjoul premium are available from small to super Jumbo sizes.

  • Date Size: 16-35g
  • Skin Separation: 0%-5%
  • Moisture Content: 23% – 27%
  • Packaging: 1kg & 5kg
Medjoul Delight Expand

These dates have the same rich caramel taste as our premium dates while having minor skin separation. They are available from small to super-jumbo sizes all year round

Used as snack, dessert or can be further processed with chocolate or filled with walnut.

  • Date Size: 16-35g
  • Skin Separation: 5% -20%
  • Moisture content: 23% – 29%
  • Packaging: 1kg & 5kg
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